50 Best Gifts For Music Teachers Of All Types (2023)

best gifts for music teachers

As a society, we’ve fallen out of the habit of buying our teachers’ gifts. 

And I know both as a teacher, parent, and husband to a teacher, how hard teachers work! 

If you care about your child receiving a good education or instruction, you should show your appreciation to their teacher. 

You don’t need to break the bank, though. A little goes a long way! 

But what does a music teacher want? I hear you ask. 

I’m here to help with this list of best gifts for music teachers of all types, whether elementary, band, choir, orchestra, or private lessons. 

This is beyond the always-nice gift card option.

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10 Music Teacher Gifts For Christmas

In this section, I’ll cover holiday-specific gifts to check out. 

These will really only work around the Christmas season, so they’re time-sensitive. 

If you want gifts that are more for all-year-round or teacher appreciation day, check out the other sections later on in our list. 

Nice List Xmas Shirt

A nice shirt is always a good option, and this one is pretty cute. 

It shows off a positive music teacher attitude and is appropriate for school and home. 

It is Christmas-specific, but it’ll last for years to come. 

Composition Notebook

As a music lover, I’m always writing notes for myself, and I go through a ton of notebooks per year. 

Of course, we don’t NEED a music-related holiday one, but it’s nice for sure. 

Piano Ornament

Not all music teachers love the piano, but in general, we all have to take some classes on it. 

As such, we do have some skills. 

If you know what your music teacher’s main instrument is, get an ornament with that one. 

But if you’re not sure, a piano is a safe bet. 

Treble Clef T-Shirt

This shirt is simple yet classic. 

It has the treble clef and works for most of the year, including the holiday season. 

Music Teacher Coloring Book

I’m not big on adult coloring books, but I know a lot of other music teachers and teachers in general are. 

It’s a nice way to relax. 

The patterns in this holiday and music teacher book are nice and enjoyable. 

Snowman Ornament Playing Guitar

Not every music teacher plays the guitar. 

It’s not required learning for most degrees, unlike the piano. 

But this little snowman guy is so cute, I don’t think your music teacher will care. 

I got this one a couple of years ago, and it’s found a home on my tree ever since. 

Music Teacher Elf Shirt

Here’s another cute shirt for you to check out they can wear on casual Fridays. 

This one is definitely a holiday-specific one, but that’s OK. 

It’ll pop up around the same time every year, and you or your student can call out that you bought it for them. 

Kids love it when their teacher keeps their wonderful gifts around. 

Music Wood Ornament

Ornaments always make good holiday music gifts. 

This one is good and customizable to your teacher. 

Music Teacher’s Christmas Coloring Book

Here’s another coloring book for you. This one is more focused on the holiday itself. 

Music Teacher Notebook

Another notebook here. This one is more for all-year-round, but it makes a good holiday gift nonetheless. 

10 Practical Music Teacher Gifts

I know a lot of music teachers, and we all like different things. 

I’m someone who likes more practical gifts. 

These are things I can use in my everyday life or (more specifically) in my teaching. 

My wife, a band teacher, tends to enjoy the decorations and coffee-drink-related gifts. 

Either way, it truly is the thought that counts. 

But if you think you know your music teacher (and I bet you or your students can get a good read on them), try to get a little more specific to what they’d like. 

Music Makes Me Happy Planner

Planners are a requirement for music teachers, especially those at the secondary level. 

My wife’s calendar and planner are insane. I don’t know how she balances it all! 

While phones and technology have come a long way, sometimes writing it down the old-fashioned way is still fun! 

Ukulele Strap

Many elementary music teachers are playing the ukulele in classes now. 

If they do, a strap is always a welcome gift. 

This one is not fancy, but it is very effective and durable. 

Without Music Planner

Here’s another planner if you didn’t like the option above. 

This one strikes a different sensibility. 

Ukulele Stand

I wish I had a ukulele stand years ago. 

I’ve broken one ukulele completely because I didn’t put it down in a safe place. 

Now, I don’t have to worry! 

This stand will be another great and useful option for your teacher. 

Professional Djembe Drum

Elementary music teachers often use drums to demonstrate or help their students out. 

I was able to get a dumbek from Egypt early on in my career, but if I didn’t have one, I’d want a djembe. 

Djembes are perfect for the teacher. Yes, it costs more, but if you pool money together, it’ll make a great and meaningful gift. 

Baton Case

Band, choir, and orchestra directors use batons. 

As someone who conducts a band in the summer, I know how special and unique a baton is to each band director. 

This is why I DON’T recommend you buy an actual baton for your teacher. 

It’s kind of like a wand-fits-the-wizard situation. It’ll be a nice thought, but we won’t really use it. 

A nice baton case, though. That will get used all the time. 

Pitch Pipe

Pitch pipes may seem kind of obsolete in the modern era. 

After all, most tuner apps contain some version of it. 

But there’s something to be said of staying classic. 

Whether you use this for your choir or tuning a timpani, a good pitch pipe is always useful. 

Guitar Stand

Along the same lines as a ukulele stand, if your music teacher plays guitar, it’ll make a nice appreciation gift.

Roll-Up Piano

Roll-up pianos may not seem like they have much use, but if your music teacher is on a cart, it’s a light and portable way to add a little bit of piano to a music lesson. 

Nice Piano Bench

Piano benches make all the difference in terms of comfort and avoiding long-term back pain for piano teachers. 

Pool your resources with other parents or students and get your teacher a nice piano bench to help them enjoy their teaching day a little more. 

10 Decorations And More For Music Teachers

Decorations are always a great musician teacher present idea. 

A lot of us love to stuff our rooms (and homes and cars and…) with music-related decor. 

And if the teacher is not good at decorating (like I am most definitely not), these decorations actually do a lot to make their life easier.  

Here, I’ll cover some of the most popular and common ones I’ve seen. And yes, I’ve had several of these over the years too. 

Music Theory Posters

This one could also fall under the “useful” category, but it’s more of a decoration. 

These posters look nice and may be helpful in class as a resource for kids and a teaching tool for the instructor. 

Music Party Decorations

I love buying premade decorations that look cool. It makes my life easier in setting up my room! 

These rock and roll decorations look great and are pretty affordable. 

What Musicians Do Poster

These posters serve as inspiration for students and also make a good launching point for a discussion on what a musician is and what they need to get better. 

Music Happens Here – Wood Sign

Here’s a simple but great-looking sign to put outside the classroom. 

All You Need Is Love And Music Wall Art

Big wall art like this is super cool, though the teacher needs to be kind of set up in one space to get the most of it. 

Personalize Classroom Door Sign

Teachers love signs like this. Names are important to our students and to us as teachers. 

Putting our names out there makes our rooms feel like homes.

It also helps to make us feel more involved in our school community. 

Music Note Statues

Little statues like this make great decorations to sit on a desk or cart. 

B-Flat Saying And Decor

This B-flat saying has always been popular because it’s just so clever! 

Musician Letter Art

Customize it to match the teacher’s name or something else. 

I don’t use this in my room, but it looks great at home. 

Vintage Instrument Patent Art

There are a whole series of these “patent” artworks for many instruments. 

Pick your teacher’s major instrument for a classy piece of meaningful art. 

10 Coffee Mugs And Cups

I’m going to say two shocking facts here for you regarding teachers. 

First: music teachers love coffee. 

OK. This one isn’t new to you. 

In fact, coffee is well-known as the lifeblood of any teacher. 

Our job requires a lot of focus and energy, inside and outside of school hours. 

Right or wrong, coffee is what helps a lot of us get through. 

Second: a lot of music teachers drink alcohol. 

Don’t pass out in surprise! Ha! 

As such, a gift of a nice coffee mug, wine tumbler, etc., is always appreciated. 

I could spend hours looking for good options in this category. 

In my experience, a clever or sweet mug or cup is never unappreciated. 

Most musicians also have a great sense of humor. 

Music Teacher Nutrition Facts

Eighth Note Wine Tumbler

Instrument Water Bottle

Music Moves The Soul Water Bottle

Music Notes Coffee Mug

Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler (Guitar)

Music Speaks To The Soul Wine Tumbler

Treble Maker Whiskey Rocks Glass

Music Is My Forte Wine Glass

Treble Maker Beer Can Pint Glass

10 Little Gifts For Music Directors

Variety is the spice of life! 

Here are a bunch of random, little gifts for music teachers. 

I can’t really make this fit into specific categories, so I just stuck them in here. 


Music Practice T-Shirt

Treble Maker Socks

Music Pencils

Music Teacher Keychain

Music Paperclips

Piano Handbag

Music Necklace

Music Pillow

Music-Themed Sticky Notes

Music Stickers

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