25 Best Gifts For Saxophone Players

best gifts for saxophone players

Are you looking for the perfect gift for saxophone players in your life?

Do you want to make sure you buy them something they’ll really enjoy or use?

Buying gifts for someone is already a stressful process. You have to decide how much to spend on them and if they’ll even want it in the first place. 

We’ve got you covered with these options in various categories for the 25 best gifts for saxophone players. 

I’ve run these past the saxophone players I know, and this is what they all said they’d love to get as a saxophone gift.

(Don’t worry! I did actually buy these for my friends over the years!) 

Let’s dig in! 

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Best Useful Gifts For Saxophone Players

There are two routes out there when it comes to gifts: 

  • The useful and practical
  • The fun! 

In my experience giving gifts to all sorts of people (and I was terrible for the longest time), people either want one or the other. 

My wife loves to get useful things that interest her. I love getting things that are just for fun. 

Now, it’s not wrong to get the other either, but people definitely have a preference. 

Think about your gift recipient. Which do you think they’d prefer?

I decided to help you out with this by separating the two into different categories. 

First, let’s take a look at the useful gifts for the special saxophone player in your life.

I’ll mention general price ranges, but keep in mind there are often sales. 

Click the matching button to check the most current prices. 

Stocking Stuffers

In this category, we’ll look specifically at the smaller items. 

These are also usually lowered prices. 


Reeds are small and vital parts of the saxophone. 

Pick up some good ones for your sax player. 

Make sure you go with a trusted brand such as Vandoren linked above. 

If you’re picking a strength, go for 2.5 or 3. Those are the best overall strength reeds. 

Synthetic reeds

Synthetic reeds are made of a type of plastic usually. 

On the plus side, they last for a long time, much longer than “real” reeds. 

On the downside, they down have much richness to their tone. 

If you stick with a good brand such as Legere at the button, you won’t have a problem.

Reed Case

If your player is serious, they probably have a bunch of reeds, and they hate having all those little chunks of wood floating around their case. 

A reed case, especially a humidity-controlled one like this, is perfect for this type of person.

They’ll have a safe and organized place to keep their gear; plus, the unique humidity control will maintain your reeds better longer. 

Mouthpiece pouches

This Vandoren mouthpiece pouch works for different wind instrument mouthpieces, including saxophone. 

You don’t need this pouch, but it does help keep your mouthpiece in better condition. 

For those of you who don’t know, this is critical; the sax mouthpiece is considered almost a separate investment. 

It’s responsible for much of the tone quality of the woodwind instrument, so a single crack may render it useless. 

Protect it with one of these mouthpiece pouches. 

I like this one because it’s tough as nails. 

Cork grease

It doesn’t get much more affordable than this. 

The cork grease is so helpful for sax players. 

It greases where your mouthpiece goes onto the neck, preventing tearing on the cork and potentially damaging the mouthpiece. 

I love this lanolin-based one because it’s less chemical-filled and smooth. 

Under $100

In this section, we’ll look at practical sax items priced up to $100. 

These will be bigger in size than the last section. 

Saxophone lessons

There are a ton of lesson options out there. 

In-person, private lessons are always what I recommend. 

This being said, they also get expensive. 

There are some great online options out there, but I typically direct people to Udemy for online options. 

It’s great because they’re usually affordable, and there are a ton of options depending on your level and what you’re looking for. 

Whether you’re just learning musical notes or a professional saxophone player, there’s something there for everyone. 


There are many saxophone neck strap options out there. 

Your top concern should be to get one that’s comfortable and durable. This is why I like this one by Cebulla.

But there are other options out there where cool designs are brought to the forefront. 

Whichever you decide, it’s a safe bet for a practical gift, as long as you make sure to get the right size one.

It needs to be made for the saxophone (and the specific type of saxophones, such as soprano saxophone or tenor saxophone too). 

Saxophone stand

What do you do when you have a good practice session but need a quick break before getting back to it?

Leave your sax out and risk it getting knocked over? No way. 

Take it apart and then put it back together again? Better, but still inconvenient. 

A solid saxophone stand will give you a place to just put your instrument down when you need to. 

Be careful, though; there are some shaky ones out there. 

I’ve seen students use this one by Hercules over and over without issue, so it’s good to go (and it won’t break the bank). 

Music stand

No musician is complete without a portable music stand. 

Sure, we often have solid ones provided to us, but there are many times we don’t. 

You have to have a good one to bring with you, just in case. 

This is one item I’d be cautious about buying without trying it out or talking to people who have. 

I’ve owned so many foldable musics stands over the years, and most of them were junk. 

My favorite by far my wife and I both use is the On-Stage professional-grade stand. 

It costs a bit more, but it’s durable, sturdy, and simply one of the best out there. 

Pocket saxophone

Does anyone need a pocket sax?

The answer is yes. Absolutely. 

Even alto saxes are much too big to be conveniently carried everywhere. 

The Xaphoon pocket sax is a fun, small musical instrument to practice your reed playing with. 

Plus, it’s just kind of cool! 


I could spend hours and hours ranting and writing about how vital a metronome is to any skilled musician. 

Practice with it as much as possible! 

Korg is the best brand out there, with so many tiers of metronomes available. 

This one is simple, but it works great. 


A tuner is needed to get your instrument in tune and getting all the notes just right. 

There are a ton out there, and most of them do a great job. 

I like ones such as the one linked above because it comes with a clip to stick onto the saxophone’s bell. 

This gives you the correct reading even if there are many other instruments playing at the same time. 

Over $100

These are the higher-priced items you should get if you want to spoil your sax player. 

Short of a brand new saxophone, these are the bigger items for a special someone.

Clip-on microphone

Want to project your sound even farther?

A clip-on microphone is a necessity. 

I had to ask around with more professional sax players to figure this one out, but this is the most commonly recommended item I heard. 

It works well because it doesn’t clip so close to the bell, but it picks up the whole tonal range of the sax. 

Portable microphone

A smaller portable microphone works well for recording your playing. 

I love the Blue Yeti option, and it’s pretty affordable and durable. 

I use this myself when it comes to my tuba playing, making YouTube videos for my channel, and when I have to present virtually. 

It’s fantastic and so easy to use. 

My wife and numerous other band directors use it for recording their students’ solos, including the saxophone and the music notes sound great. 

Saxophone case

The saxophone cases that come with the sax itself are usually pretty good, but they aren’t usually a priority in design. 

All they need to do is provide some protection. 

A higher-tier case is more protective and easier to carry and handle. 

I’ve seen many cases come across with my students, but this one was the best one. 

Yes, it’s a bit pricier, but its pockets, design, protection, and ergonomic elements are killer. 

Sax mouthpiece

Mouthpieces are individual to the player, but assuming your player doesn’t have the time or desire to check out dozens of options, there are some that are overall awesome. 

This one by Conn-Selmer is considered the best overall for most players. 

It sounds clear, articulates well, and offers a richness of tone. 

Best Fun Gifts For Saxophone Players

This list is my personal favorite.

These are just for fun and funky and cool sax gift ideas. 

As always, links may be affiliate in nature, but these are gifts my friends and students approve of.

Stocking Stuffers

As before, these are smaller and low-priced options. 

Sax necktie

Neckties are for all genders, and there are so many fabulous patterns out there. 

Check out the link above for a list of possible options. 

I like the ones that use actual music notes from a song myself. 


Cufflinks are so classy, and I was floored the first time one of my saxophone-playing friends wore one of these to a concert. 

Under $100

These ones are bigger but go up to $100. 

Bluetooth headphones

Any amazing musician will tell you that listening to music is critical for development (and fun!). 

Check out these Bluetooth headphones that still sound great despite their affordable price. 


I have not purchased a saxophone necklace myself, but I have a friend who bought one for his wife. 

She loved it, and it looks so pretty and well-made. 

There are a ton of options out there, but the one at the link is the one he got for her. 

The Devil’s Horn

OK. I’m a nerd. I’ll admit it. 

There’s something about a well-written book about the history of something that gets me. 

This one was the most recommended saxophone book covering this instrument and its impact on the music of all kinds. 

I did enjoy reading it a lot and learned about some fantastic performers I’d never heard of before. 

Sax T-Shirt

Gosh, it’s cheesy, but I love themed shirts. 

The saxophone is such a popular instrument there are so many options out there. 

The button above takes you to a search page with so many options. 

If you know a sax player who loves to wear funky and unique shirts, this gift is a slam dunk. 

Wine Rack

Yeah, don’t get this wine rack for a kid, but an adult sax player will love this. 

I thought it was so cool (though, to be honest, it was my wife who found it). We gifted these to a friend of ours, and it’s a staple in their home now. 

And it’s always got a bottle of wine in it too! 

Sax Art

I didn’t link to a specific option because a person’s preference for art is completely unique to them. 

If you do buy something like these as a gift, make sure you know what the person likes. 

A simple canvas doesn’t need a frame and fits with most wall decor, so this is what I’d recommend starting with. 

These are great gifts for musicians of all kinds, really. 

Saxophone Lamp

Lamps are cool, especially with teens and pre-teens, it seems like. 

It never fails to amuse me how many students come back after the winter holiday with new saxophone and other instrument-themed lamps. 

Still, they’re excited, so it’s got to be a good gift. 

The Music Stand Gifts

One of my favorite websites for gifts is The Music Stand. 

They feature a ton of quality gifts and specialty items for musicians of all types. 

Their sax gifts are great. 

Jewelry at TheMusicStand.com

Final Thoughts

Whatever you buy for your friend or family member, you’re already ahead of the game by taking the time to search for a gift they enjoy.

Just make sure they don’t already have something like it, and you’ll be good to go. 

Enjoy the look on your saxophone player’s face as you hand them one or multiple of these awesome gifts! 

Zach VanderGraaff

Zach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher with Bay City Public Schools in Michigan. He's a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and Executive Secretary of the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association.

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