Write For Us

Dynamic Music Room is currently looking for freelance writers to create content for our website. We are eager to expand into new areas of music, specifically those around band and band instruments. We’re looking for experienced musicians with experience working with students in various capacities and ages to add their expertise. You don’t have to be a professional musician, but it would help if you have some experience in teaching music to others.

If you love music, want to share that love, and get paid a little extra for your knowledge, this is your chance!

Payment. As this is a new site, we can pay between $0.02 and $0.025 per word, depending on experience, with the chance to earn more as time goes on. Most articles come in 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, or 2,500 word lengths, so you’ll make between $20-62.50 per article.

Frequency. Writers are expected to produce between 3-4 articles per month. Writers can’t miss a deadline. If you miss a deadline, your job won’t be extended. Three articles may not seem like much, but as time goes on, the chance to increase may become available. It’s also perfect for a little extra cash each month without taking away from your normal time off.

Ownership. All photos, videos, written content, and any other media produced and submitted becomes the exclusive ownership of Dynamic Music Room and Zachery VanderGraaff, and you don’t have the rights to republish the content anywhere else, even on your own website. If you would like author credit, that can be negotiated, but the right to the content remain with this business and owner.

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